Traumatic Brain Injuries are more common than we think.. especially in sport.

Let's start raising



myBrainmyRules was created in 2016, to help Lorraine Truong - former pro downhill mountain biker - to pay for the expensive rehab she needed after sustaining TBIs.

Even in a developped country like Switzerland, TBI are not well understood - even in the medical world. We hope that this website might bring support to people in this situation.


myBrainmyRules association has several aims:

  1. Raise awareness about the risks of TBI in sports

  2. Providing advice and support based on Lorraine's experience

  3. To provide financial help to people struggling with consequences of TBIs. Up to know, donations were made towards helping Lorraine.


Your donation allows us to fulfil our goals.

We couldn't help Lorraine in her long rehab without you..


All donations are used towards our goals. The whole myBrainmyRules Team are volunteers

While myBrainmyRules helps Lorraine funding her rehab, she in returns want to help people in a similar situation.

Therefore, you will find here some resources that we hope might help you or someone around you battling with TBI.


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