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Our goals



Brain injuries and particularly concussion are too often overlooked in sports. And the consequences can be severe.

It is important to treat these traumas the right way, from the mini league to the professional athlete. Our first goal is thus to inform athletes from all level and sports of the possible consequences of brain injures and how to deal with them.

Rule number one:


If any suspicion of concussion occurs after a crash or a hit(headache, nausea, disorientation, dizziness), it is important to stop immediately the activity and rest until the symptoms subside. A second hit to the head could have dramatic consequences. If the situation doesn't quickly get better with rest, a visit at the doctor is important.

More over, most disabilities from brain injures are invisible (headache, concentration, memory and oragnisation issues, important fatigue). We thus want to spead the world that someone with a brain injury might look fine but be dealing with important disabilities in his/her daily life.


Suffering from a TBI is very unsettling. Often, even the medical world has little answer to offer. And each situation is unique.

We want to share support and advice by describing Lorraine's experiences and the therapies she has been through. We hope it can bring ideas and ways for others.

You can find more information in our resources.

Goal 3. HELP

Through fund raising, we want to help people who sustained a TBI to pay for their rehab and help. Some specific treatment and help are unfortunately not accepted by insurance despite being very helpful in the recovery process. We want to do our best to make them accessible.

Our association was funded to help Lorraine pay for her rehab. Therefore the donations we receive so for are going to her.

You can help us help her here.

Thank you

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